About us

We are the best, great, outstanding , extraordinary ...

Naaaa…We are just a bunch of fukatiya jobless lukhas, with no paisa or chokari (frustrated literally)…that’s not all, we were called :

  • Stupid gadhe -because we are trying something new
  • Waste/useless – because our work according them is not productive
  • Nalayak , Good for nothing – I’ll leave that for you to decide

We are just ordinary folks like you, with no godfather, nor any big pocket but with lots of dream and passion. We are working on some fantastic never seen before like shows, which promise’s 100% entertainment. But we can’t do this all alone; we need your support to make this happen. No! Don’t worry we are not asking for money...

All we ask you do is :

itna toh karsakte ho yaar!